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Founder's and Investor's Payout Calculator

First round of Investing or Series A

Pre Money Valuation


Pre Employee pool

Post Money Valuation

  • Pre Money Valuation ->what is the percieved value of your company

  • Investment ->How much money is being invested in your company through funding

  • Pre Employee Pool ->% Of shares allocated for Esop before investment


Founder's Share

Pool Share

Investor's Share

Exit Scenario

- Merger, acquisition, sale

Expected Exit Value


Liquidation Preference

  • Expected Exit Value ->How much is the expected amount to the company on Merger, acquisition or Sale

  • Participation ->Will the investor participate in the company share even after getting his/her liquidation preference

  • Liquidation Preference ->If x is the amount invested by the investor,How much of the initial investment does he expects at the liquidation (ex: 1x, 2x or even 10x)Just enter the number without 'x'


Founder's Payout

Investor's Payout

Employee's Payout

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